Jakarta, 29th February - 8 March 2020


solo exhibition.


Organized by SPAZE23, the exhibition is curated by Ahadi Bintang and runs from 29 February to 8 March 2020.

Opened on 29 February and ended with an artist talk discussion on 8 March 2020. In accordance with the theme, "TOXIC MOTEL" is a hysterical overflow from all the anxiety (poison feeling) that has stayed overnight in Toxicmotel's own head.

Starting from traumatism, anger, expectations, paranoia, and other chaos that makes it always difficult to fall asleep. He presents all of those depictions through 13 works in the form of prints, videos and installations in this exhibition.

As said by Ahadi Bintang who acts as the curator, 13 Toxicmotel's works were presented with symbolic absurd chains, eyes, and creatures that are finalized by manipulation of "glitch" are idioms in the works that arise from protracted anxiety, both of which Tomo natural experience, as well as how he sees a world that is also chaotic becomes the main material of this exhibition. Toxicmotel believes in the idiom "Beauty in Destruction" which is the therapy and cure for his anxiety.


The objective of this exhibition itself is to make the visitors aware that they never give up even though they are extremely tired of life. A little quoting from a heavy drinker who is also a famous writer from America, Charles Bukowski, "Goodness can sometimes be found in the middle of hell".