Farewell Motel Party

Tomo ‘Toxic Motel’ (b.1992) started his glitch art journey when there was a malfunction during encoding a video file. Since then, ‘the beauty of destruction’ has become his mindset. Followed by his journey as an artist and being seen by a wider spectator, people then found his distinctive style. They started to call him a glitch artist. 

For Toxic Motel, the process of the creation of the artwork means as much as the final product. It determines what can be considered true glitch art versus art that looks ‘glitchy’. A lot of his work is inspired by surrealism art and psychedelic art. 

Toxic Motel feels an excitement living in this era as we are more adaptable to technology. There is an increase in reliance on technology in a specific and relevant way that goes beyond the capability of conventional art forms.

These images Toxic Motel created are a reflection of his hysterical mind and a commentary on his surroundings. His visuals creates a new narrative that stands entirely on its own, removed from the boundaries of its source. 

Toxic Motel’s work has been displayed around the world, including the Digital Art Biennale New York, the Art Video Screening Animaze Film Festival in Canada, and the Frame of Mind group show in Jakarta. He also creates visuals for music videos for musicians around the globe.